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Indonesia Calls for Restraint Following Iran's Attack on Israel

Indonesia Calls for Restraint Following Iran's Attack on Israel
Iran's Attack on Israel. (Analisadaily/Reuters), Jakarta - Indonesia expressed its deep concern over the escalation of the situation in the Middle East and urged Iran and Israel to exercise restraint following the former's missile attack on Israel on Saturday, April 13.

Indonesia's Foreign Ministry also urged the United Nations Security Council to promptly respond to the conflict escalation to prevent it from spilling over in the Middle Eastern region.

"Indonesia urges the UN Security Council to act immediately to de-escalate tensions and continue working towards lasting peace in the Middle East," according to the ministry's statement published on its social media on Sunday (April 14) evening.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council should take action to end the illegal occupation of Palestine and various violations of international law committed by Israel, the ministry said.

Indonesia also emphasized that a just settlement of the Palestinian issue through the realization of the two-state solution will be the key to maintaining regional stability.

Renewed hostility between Iran and Israel was triggered by an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, on April 1.

The attack killed at least seven officers of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including two important generals. Iran accused Israel of being responsible for the fatal attack.

In response, Iran carried out a retaliatory strike by launching ballistic missiles and drones at Israel on Saturday evening.

Israeli authority claimed the attack had been successfully repelled. One Israeli airbase was damaged by the attack, albeit only minor damage being incurred.

As per Israeli request, the United Nations Security Council convened an emergency meeting on Sunday (April 14) local time.

In its letter to the UN Security Council president, Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, urged the UN to "unequivocally condemn Iran for the grave violations" and immediately declare IRGC as a terrorist organization.

This is despite the fact that for the last six months, Israel has sternly criticized the United Nations and flouted UN resolutions calling the country to cease its hostilities.


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