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Indonesian Embassy Promotes Authentic Cuisine Like Wingko Babat in Tokyo

Indonesian Embassy Promotes Authentic Cuisine Like Wingko Babat in Tokyo
Indonesian Embassy Promotes Authentic Cuisine. (Analisadaily/Istimewa), Tokyo - The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Japan has started organizing Indonesia Fair 2023 as part of a series of events commemorating the 65th anniversary of Indonesia-Japan bilateral relations at Parkside Diner, Imperial Hotel Tokyo.

The event is also being held to promote the "Spice Up The World" program by serving four authentic Indonesian dishes: nasi goreng, tongseng ayam, ikan kuah kuning, and wingko babat.

These dishes will be featured in the Parkside Diner Restaurant's fixed menu throughout April.

As stated in its statement on Monday, the KBRI invited Indonesian chef Aziz Amri, a finalist of the 2020 Master Chef Indonesia competition, to work in collaboration with several Japanese professional chefs in serving Indonesian culinary delicacies.

The chef made sure that the menu items had an authentic Indonesian taste, allowing Japanese guests to experience the true flavor of Indonesian cuisine.

On that occasion, Chef Amri expressed pride in introducing Indonesian food to the Tokyo public.

"In this event, I am doing my best to serve authentic Indonesian food while mindfully balancing the taste so that it can be well-received by the Japanese community. Hopefully, the guests will enjoy the Indonesian cuisine, which in turn will help them to learn more about its country of origin," he stated.

"I personally believe that Indonesian cuisine is a crucial instrument of Indonesia's cultural diplomacy," Amri noted.

"We already have a plethora of Japanese restaurants established in Indonesia. With that in mind, I truly hope that Indonesian food will someday someday be widely enjoyed in Japan, which will help to strengthen the partnership between both countries and boost tourist visits," the chef said.


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